New Video and Product: Let’s Talk About Skin Stretching : How Important it REALLY IS!!!!


Let’s talk about stretching your skin while shaving. Is it important? Should you do it?
Most of us never thought of stretching our skin when we learned how to shave on those multi-blade or electric razors in our lives before we discovered “traditional wet shaving”. The actual process requires a little practice and a little patience, but in time will truly enhance your wet shaving experience.
So how do you do it?
It’s simple really. Just pull the skin with the hand your not holding the razor  on the side of your face up  just enough to feel it tighten up.  Keep the razor approximately 1-2 inches away from your pulling hand. When its time to shave your neck,use the same concept pulling the skin down toward the floor.
So why do it?
Stretching the skin forces the whiskers on your face to move upright making it easier for your razor to cut the hairs closer to the skin. In short,  a closer more comfortable shave. This technique will also help prevent weepers and cuts, as the even surface has less of a chance to snag on your skin.
Now here’s the catch. Your shave can actually suffer if you OVER stretch your skin. Over stretching can cause the skin to go in the opposite angel or basically defeat the purpose of stretching at all. It’s important to practice and to learn the dimensions of your face to prevent this from happening.
Now I know what your thinking……..
 You’ve tried it and and your fingers slip when you face is wet of full of cream. Well, there’s tools out there for you.
Running your fingers on an alum block helps. The alum block will keep your fingers dry and will create traction for stretching.
Some vendors have even come out with tools to help with skin stretching.
Phoenix Accouterments just came out with a finger sleeve to act as a training wheel for stretching that works really well. Check it out here!



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