Straight Razor Safety

This area is often overlooked but extremely important.  When straight razors ruled the land, all men understood that there was sense of danger when performing the daily ritual.  Today however, many men are a custom to using multi-blade cartridge razors that pose a slight threat of injury.

Here is the thread that I started on a popular forum regarding safety.  I’ll post the link in the notes:

I would like to take a moment to emphasize straight razor safety. I’ve heard of too many “accidents” in past few months regarding improper use of a straight razor and would like to go over some safety rules that may save your face (and other body parts) from injury.

Rule #1: If you in a rush switch to a cart or DE.
There is no “rushing” with a straight razor. If you are late to work or to another engagement, grab a form of “safety” shaving. I always keep a stash of cheap disposable carts or my DEs handy for such an occasion.

Rule #2: Keep the door closed free from distractions:
Keep the distractions to a minimum. Leave the cell phone alone and enjoy your shave. Make sure the door is closed and all occupants know not to “barge in” while you’re shaving. The last thing you want is “Man’s Best Friend” or your significant other hitting you with the door while you’re shaving your upper lip. (I know from personal experience).

Rule #3: Wear a towel or robe and have a mat under your feet:
Protect your body from any accidents. Use the mat to prevent your feet from slipping. The towel or robe is to protect…..well yourself. In addition, you could put a towel over your feet to prevent injury if the razor falls.

Rule #4: As with knife safety make sure your razor is sharp:
A dull razor will cause you to press harder against the skin or go over spots multiple times. As with knife safety, a sharp blade will prevent accidents. Maintain your razor and hone or send it out when it is no longer sharp.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Safety is a subject that is often overlooked when entering the world of traditional wet shaving

Link to the thread:

Shave Den Straight Razor Safety

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