2018 Fall Seasonal Special Podcast!

That’s right folks! The Fall Seasonal Special for 2018 is here! I have to say that this year I was able to find the most items ever! The artisans are in full swing for Fall and that means Halloween is just around the corner. Check it out on Sharpologist !https://sharpologist.com/podcast/wet-shave-talk/wet-shaving-talk-1-october-2018  

New Video and Product: Let’s Talk About Skin Stretching : How Important it REALLY IS!!!!

  Let’s talk about stretching your skin while shaving. Is it important? Should you do it? Most of us never thought of stretching our skin when we learned how to shave on those multi-blade or electric razors in our lives before we discovered “traditional wet shaving”. The actual process requires a little practice and a…