My Trip to the Art of Shaving Store in Boca Raton FL!!



My Trip to the Art of Shaving Store in Boca Raton FL!!

****Disclaimer: This a review of my shopping experience at this particular establishment.  In no way shape or form is this an endorsement of the company and/or products.


This past week I entered my local Art of Shaving (AOS) store as I have many times in the past.  This time I had another intention.  To view the store as a regular customer rather than a wet shaving enthusiast.

Now…..I know what you’re thinking……Big Deal its AOS.  I thought that too, but as my wife was aimlessly looking for a pair of shoes, (one of her joys) I decided to pursue one of mine…Wet Shaving.

To enter this store with the knowledge of artisan products, vintage razors and custom brushes it’s easy to look at the products and price tags and quickly laugh and leave, but I reminded myself to view this establishment as a wet shaving pedestrian.

The impressive dark wood cabinets and the vintage style barber chair in the front reminded me of an old fashion barber shop I saw in my recent trip to Manhattan with 1900’s décor and a classic display in the window.  I was quickly greeted by a friendly salesman who asked if I needed assistance. I declined and said I was just looking.  In the store to the right there is an old fashion sink with several brushes, creams, balms and oils for testing purposes. I kept going and I soon found myself in the middle of a large display of the same products all neatly stocked and organized by scent.  I took the time to look at all of them and moved my way down the line.  I picked up a puck of sandalwood shaving soap and proceeded to move on to a table in the middle of the store.

In the middle of the store is a see through display case about waist high.  Inside the case, were a few straight razors, a basic strop and a “How to Guide” for straight razors. I looked and quickly moved on to the next wall where the safety razors were stored in similar fashion. Moving along I found the shaving brush section next to the modern day cartridge style and electric razors followed by their non-shaving supplies such as bar soaps and facial creams.

Last but not least as with most AOS stores, there was a master barber in the back providing shaves and haircuts for those who desired the service.  It seriously looked like a high end spa for men, stacked full of AOS products and a barber chair straight from a vintage movie. Awesome to say the least.

When I was finished lurking I decided to bring my soap the register and make my purchase. The salesman was very accommodating and friendly to say the least, he also thanked me and told me about future promotions.  Overall my experience at Art of Shaving was a memorable one.  I enjoyed the time I spent there, looking at all the products and making my purchase.

2 thoughts on “My Trip to the Art of Shaving Store in Boca Raton FL!!

  1. I’ve been to the aos here in chandler AZ. Great experience. Bought my second de razor, Merkur heavy duty, and brush there. Love them and use them almost everyday. The staff was very knowledgeable and experienced.

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