Straight Razor Safety

Straight razors may indeed provide the most comfortable shave known to man.  Unfortunately there is one area often overlooked…..Safety!!!

Here is one of my posts on the popular wet shaving forum “The Shave Den” regarding how important it is to be safe while shaving with a straight razor:

Rule #1: If your in a rush switch to a cart or DE.
There is no “rushing” with a straight razor. If you are late to work or to another engagement, grab a form of “safety” shaving. I always keep a stash of cheap disposable carts or my DEs handy for such an occasion.

Rule #2: Keep the door closed free from distractions:
Keep the distractions to a minimum. Leave the cell phone alone and enjoy your shave. Make sure the door is closed and all occupants know not to “barge in” while you’re shaving. The last thing you want is “Man’s Best Friend” or your significant other hitting you with the door while you’re shaving your upper lip. (I know from personal experience).

Rule #3: Wear a towel or robe and have a mat under your feet:
Protect your body from any accidents. Use a mat to prevent your feet from slipping. The towel or robe is to protect…..well yourself. In addition, you could put a towel over your feet.

Rule #4: As with knife safety make sure your razor is sharp:
A dull razor will cause you to press harder against the skin or go over spots multiple times. As with knife safety, a sharp blade will prevent accidents. Maintain your razor and hone or send it out when it is no longer sharp.

In addition, I find that if a particular movement you make feels awkward stop and rethink your decision.  Whether it be stretching the skin by your chin or just going across the grain….if it feels weird then you’ll probably cut yourself.

These few steps will prevent certain disaster when shaving with the sharpest knife you’ll probably ever own. Remember, you only have one face and it deserves only the best treatment!

Happy Shaving Everyone!!

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