The Amazing Story of The Gillette Toggle


The Gillette Toggle Story is finally told!!

As a wet shaver for several years, The Gillette Toggle has always intrigued me. It’s one of those razors that you may come in contact with only a few times, but leave a lasting impression.  Whether you’re a collector or user alike, if your into vintage razors chances are you’ve come in contact with or have heard of the Gillette Toggle.

While there are still some Toggles making their rounds in the wet shaving world, there was very little information available on why the Toggle was only produced for a short amount of time.  As a history buff and wet shaver, several months ago I decided to look more into the story of the Gillette Toggle.

I reached out to Gillette’s archive department with several questions regarding the Toggle and found out so much that was previously unknown to the general public.  With their permission, I want to share this information with you!

Please check out my latest article on the Sharpologist Website!!

Thanks again everyone and Happy Shaving !!




4 thoughts on “The Amazing Story of The Gillette Toggle

  1. I found one of these toggles, for $3 at a second hand store near my house. Bought it, cleaned it, and it is my favorite razor by far, love the shave it gives me, thanks for the article, and all the knowledge you share


    • oh, and by the way, when I came across the toggle, I was new to the wet shave culture, had never heard of a toggle, and only bought it because it was different. I didn’t know it was only produced for a short time, I was looking for a gillette like my dad had when I was a kid, did find one for $2, but the toggle interested me for it’s difference, so I bought both for $5. Now I know what a score I got, Thank You


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