Trip to Pasteur’s Pharmacy NYC!!

A few weeks ago  my wife and I went on a weekend getaway to The Big Apple. We had a blast !  As a wet shaver I just had to hit up Pasteur’s Pharmacy! It was an experience I’ll never forget!

Before I can go on, it’s important to understand the atmosphere of the surrounding area. It’s literally a few blocks from the Empire State Building and close to the famous Macy’s on 34th street where the Thanksgiving Parade ends. It’s busy part of  Manhattan, but luckily my wife and I arrived on a Saturday evening about an hour before they closed and the city was tame.

Upon entering I was surprised to see several other wet shavers sniffing some soaps down the main aisle.  As soon as you walk in about 5-10 feet or so you can’t help but notice the right side of the store.  Boom!  It’s like the official showroom for all things wet shaving.  Soaps, creams and fragrances that you’ve seen online, heard about in the forums and bid on in auctions.  The first section is filled from head to toe with artisan products. Name the vendor and it was there.  Want to sniff one? Yep every item had a sampler.  It’s a wet shavers heaven.

Keep waking down the main aisle and you’ll quickly find yourself looking at more traditional products.  Again you name it and it was there. Look at the top shelf. Boom, an assortment of brushes that you’ve only seen online, right in front of your face.  I looked over to left and found a discounted area of wet shaving supplies.  Look straight ahead,there’s a small panel with straight razors, safety razors and blades. They even had blade banks I mean seriously blade banks!!!

This tiny store lived up to it’s expectations.  If only I didn’t bring a carry-on!!  Don’t worry I was able to bring a few items back with me.  (Soaps are legal for carry-on luggage as long as they’re solid.)

Remember those wet shavers when I first arrived? I had a great conversation with them and even exchanged contact info.  A few local gents and one all the way from Dubai!  It was seriously an unplanned mini meet and we had a blast!

If your ever in Manhattan and have some time,don’t miss out on this opportunity. I hope I can go back really soon!!

Please enjoy the photos I took while there!!

One thought on “Trip to Pasteur’s Pharmacy NYC!!

  1. Hey man, it’s me, the Dubai guy! Sorry it took me so long to find this post and your blog, and I really appreciate the little shoutout! It was great meeting you and having that little chat together – I might be back in NY for a few days in October, and will definitely be stopping back at Pasteur if that’s the case. It really is a wonderful place!

    P.S. Your blog is awesome, and I’ll check out the podcast when I can too!


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