One Stone Honing With A Belgian Coticule”Dilucot Method”

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When I started honing straight razors I was fascinated by all the different methods of getting a razor sharp.  One in particular was the “Dilucot Method” for the Belgian coticule.

The “Dilucot Method” is a one stone honing progression where you simply create a thick slurry to set the bevel of the blade, then dilute the slurry until your razor is “shave ready”. I can assure you this method works and works well if you have the patience to learn it.

According to an article feature on the entire process is broken down into three stages.

  1. Bevel Set Stage: Setting the bevel is the most important part in honing a straight razor.  It’s not uncommon to spend 75% of your time in this part of honing. Rub your slurry stone over your coticule for 30-45 seconds with a few drops of water. Once the slurry is nice and thick, start honing using short circles in the clockwise direction.  After about 75 repetitions check to see if the blade cuts arm hair. If it cuts the hair easily with no pressure then you’re ready to move on. Remember, it’s very important to make sure the slurry is not too wet or too dry. Add a drop of water here and there if the slurry turns to sludge.
  2. Diluting Stage: Keep the slurry on the stone from the bevel- set stage. By now, it’s probably a grayish color as metal has now mixed with the stone content.  Add a few drops of water and start the circles again. Use lighter pressure as you progress. Checking the razor is tad difficult and takes a bit of practice.  To keep it short, you’re basically looking for the razor to perform as if it was being honed on the stone with just water. When there is no longer any resistance then you’re ready to move on. This can take 10-15 steps. Slow and steady wins the race here.
  3. Finishing Stage:  If you’ve made it this far then your almost home. The old x-stroke works well here. Just plain water on your coticule and perform x-strokes (around 75-100) until you razor is cutting a single strain of hair (HHT). No pressure here ladies and gents be very gentle. After it passes the hanging hair test its time to strop and shave!

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