Straight Razor Prices Out of Line ! ..Or Are They???

Ever wonder if yesterday’s straight razor prices were relative to today’s? I did. I decided to do a little research to see for myself.

I received a print from my parents this past Christmas from a 1903 catalog that contained several straight razors.  I went ahead and created a calculator that converts 1903 dollars to 2016 and vise versa.

Here is a picture of the Razor sheet:

1903 2016 2016 1903
$1.00 $26.19 $26.19 $1.00
$1.25 $32.74 $100.00 $3.82
$2.00 $52.38 $200.00 $7.64
$5.00 $130.95 $300.00 $11.45

Here is the image from the 1903 advertisement:


Now here comes the interesting part. Are straight razors a better deal now? Well, in 1903 most of these razors in this advertisement cost $1.25 each. In 2016 dollars that would equal $32.74!! Most new razors are well over $100 today  so to answer the question…………..

Today’s straight razors are not a better deal than yesterday’s.They are much more !!!!

Looks like we are paying a premium!!

Let’s see if  a 1903-1905 Gillette safety Razor is out of line with today’s prices.

The price of the original Gillette safety razor was $5.00.  In relation to today the Gillette razor would cost $130.95!!  The average price for a new Gillette gizmo is roughly $10, and for the average “quality safety razor” is $50-$75.


Today’s safety razors are a better deal than yesterdays! They are much less!!!

Interesting huh? Let me know your thoughts. Comment below or at our Facebook page here.

Hope you guys enjoyed this short article!  Please feel free to download the calculator

Razor sheet calculator.


Shave Straight and ……..Safe!!!!



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