The Five Rules of Proper Pass-Around Etiquette:


Happy Friday All,


Have you ever participated in a wet shaving pass around? Ever wondered why sometimes the product doesn’t last to the final person?  You’re not alone.

Wet shaving “pass-arounds” are a great way to get some of your buddies to try a product and discuss with the group. It’s also great way to try a product before you buy it. There are times when you may be receive the products in less than ideal conditions. Today, we’ll discuss proper pass around etiquette.

The proper definition for “wet shaving pass-around” is:

The process of mailing out wet shaving products to use, then send out to the next member and then the next and so on until it comes back to the host.   

Sounds like fun? It is!

It’s very important to make sure everyone in the “pass-around chain” receives adequate product to enjoy and review.  Therefore it’s important to do the following:

  1. Use the product like you would in a normal shave.

It’s OK to load up your brush and use it once or twice.  Use it like you would in your normal every day routine. Use it but don’t abuse it!!

  1. Send out the goods in a timely manner.

We’re wet shavers. We wait by the mailbox, we check tracking numbers, and we’re impatient when stuff is in the mail. Make sure you send it out on time so the next guy doesn’t have to wait too long.

  1. If you break it, offer to buy it.

Accidents happen.  The brush cracks, razors chip or a soap containers break.  This stuff happens to the best of us. If you happen to break an item in a pass-around it’s extremely important to let the host know what happened. Chances are he or she will understand.  The worst thing for the next guy is to receive a broken product.

  1. Keep it clean.

No brainer here.  Before you send it out, make sure it’s clean and sanitized.  The last thing anyone wants is hair in the soap dish or a razor filled with soap scum.

  1. Never take samples.

Use the product a few times then send it out.  If you like it…….buy it!!  Don’t take from the next guy.  All participants in a pass-around deserve the same experience.

Hope you all have a great week end and

Shave Straight and Shave Safe!!!

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