Does Wet Shaving Lead to Other Hobbies?

Happy Tuesday!  Hopefully everyone is adjusting to the time change and enjoying the extra hour of daylight (and warmer weather)!!

A few months ago I was listening to the Brush Soap and Blade Podcast and heard Rick discuss his interests in other forms of classic collecting.  While listening I couldn’t believe that another wet shaver shared similar interests, but little did I know there is a trend here.

For many of us classic shaving opens the door for a love of all things classic and quality.  Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s out of style……right?

Let’s discuss some of the common interests wet shavers have in common:


Fountain Pens:


Fountain pen collecting almost goes hand in hand with wet shaving.  Many of the major forum sites have a separate section dedicated to fountain pens and you can’t help but notice there is a lot of activity in there. A simple search on Facebook will tell you the same. Just check out a fountain pen group and I can guarantee there are a few of your wet shaving buddies already members there.

Mechanical Watches:


Ah the old mechanical watch is making a comeback! What better way to complete your look then with a nice watch.  The days of just merely looking at your phone for the time is over, just like the days of shaving with a cartridge razor.

The next time you attend a meet-up, it’s certain you’ll find a few members with a mechanical watch.  While most think this hobby is too expensive I’m here to tell you it’s not. Personally I wear a mechanical watch to work every day that looks good and tells accurate time (for a mechanical watch) and it cost me less than $100.

Shoe Shine Kits:

show box

Now go get your shine box!!  A classic line from a classic movie!!  A pair of nicely shined shoes takes notice in the business world, on a date or just hanging around.  It shows attention to detail and extra effort which is something us wet shavers do on daily basis.

You may not hear this “hobby” per say as much as the first two but ask around and I’m sure you’ll b able to start a pretty interesting conversation.  Like wet shaving ,shoe shining brings back childhood memories of watching their father or grandfather take out the old shine box before heading out to work or an important event.

Coffee Roasting/Brewing:


Coffee roasting has become very popular in the last year or so.  Many wet shavers have posted their morning coffee in their shave of the day photos and all I can say is that it really intrigued me.

The thought of having a freshly roasted coffee that you brewed in a more traditional way sounds pretty awesome and will really enhance your routine.


Spirits/Craft Beer:


Wet shaving is one of the finer things in life, so it’s not uncommon to hear of a wet shaver ending his/her day with a nice drink.  A nice scotch, bourbon, Irish whiskey, Rum or vodka is the way our previous wet shavers would end a hard day’s work just to do it all again tomorrow.

Craft beer has exploded in recent years and fits into the wet shaving equation. Most of us love the different choices in soaps, creams and aftershaves…so why not try the many choices in craft beer?


What hobbies did wet shaving open the door for you?  Leave a comment below. I would love to find out about it.


10 thoughts on “Does Wet Shaving Lead to Other Hobbies?

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  2. Wetshaving led me to some other hobbies, yes:
    – whiskey/bourbon connoisseur
    – cigar/pipe smoking (only for recreational purpose, I wasn’t a smoker before and I didn’t become one now)
    – woodworking ( I built a shaving cabinet and found out I really love working with wood so I’ll expand a bit into it later this year)

    Plus I bought some vintage Parker pens which I expect to experiment with later.

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  3. I started wet shaving 2.5 years ago. Last year, I got into fountain pens, and in the past 10 months got into mechanical/automatic watches. I love all these items as they’re practical, I use them every day, and they celebrate human ingenuity.
    I’ve always enjoyed high quality coffee, and I’m perfectly content to grind my beans and brew them with a french press.


  4. I’ve been partially wet shaving since I turned 15 due to teenage skin issues: wet shaving was the only solution I could find. I finally switched from a modern multi-blade razor to a safety razor 3 years ago, and am now practicing my straight razor skills.

    I began smoking cigars (with my father) once I turned 18, and enjoying scotch and other whiskeys/whiskies “no earlier than 21yo while in America.” I also began periodically using fountain pens after receiving second-hand ones from my grandfathers.

    There is definitely a mild-to-moderate connection between wet shaving and these other activities, as they either make you slow down and focus (fountain pens) or focus on taking care of things (properly maintaining your shoes) or simply enjoying the little things (proper libations). And, as far as I’m concerned, these are all good activities for a wider audience to take back up.


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