Apollo 11 Flight, General; Collins, Michael

Photograph of Apollo 11 razor and shaving cream, issued to Michael Collins as part of his personal preference kit for the mission.

Happy Monday everyone!  Not only is it Monday but its February 29th so enjoy this extra day we only have the privilege of living in once every four years!!

This past weekend Linda and I decided to take a break and enjoy some R & R. We traveled the east coast of Florida starting from our home in Palm Beach all the way to the space coast and back down to the Florida Keys.

Of course while visiting the Kennedy Space Center I had to find out how Astronauts shave in space!  Unfortunately it may not be as traditional as all of us “classic shavers” would hope for.

Most astronauts shave with electric razors. Yes I know it’s sad but true.  It’s quick and easy and requires the least amount of skill in zero gravity. As for the rest, the” Mach 3” was the tool of choice followed by disposables. No straight razor stories here which is what I expected.

I was able to find a short video with Astronaut Michael Collins shaving on Apollo 11 with Old Spice Shaving Cream and a Gillette Techmatic. Pretty Cool!



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