Blackland and Black Bird Razor

Originally written by me and featured on on 1/5/18

The Blackland Razor Company has established a reputation amongst wet shavers all over the world. Built upon the concept that high quality tools can also be works of art, the Blackland Razor Company produces razors that are built tough and made to last a lifetime.

To Shave With Blackland


The razors are designed and built in the USA and consist of either polished, anodized, or machined finishes. There are currently two models produced, the Blackbird which holds double edge safety razor blades and the Sabrewhich holds single edged “Gem style” blades. Both of these models start with the same base price and vary with additional options.

Several months ago I started looking up some information regarding the Blackland company and wanted to find out more about the team behind it. Unfortunately my search came up with only a few tidbits of information. I decided to go directly to the source.

I contacted Shane, the owner of Blackland Razors, and was pleasantly surprised when he wrote back saying he would be delighted to share his story. I sent him an email interview and his responses were more than I would ever expect.  It was so great I wanted to share it with you all!

Check out the rest of the article written by me here. 

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